Changing your silent auction for the better…

Many silent auction companies can provide you with an array of desirable silent and live auction prizes, but all of these providers will be making a profit from any winning bids made at your event. This is something that we at bid_in want to change. We want to see more money being raised for your charity, not being used to make the silent auction company more money on top of any fees you have paid for their service.  Many silent auctions companies will not even disclose to you the amount of money they have made from the generosity of your events’ guests!

How we work

We at bid_in make no profit, no margin split and no commission from winning bids made at your event.  The only cost that we pass on is the cost incurred by us to source each item from our selected suppliers…thats it.  By working in this way we ensure that the most money possible goes to your charity!  We are able to offer you auction items for every price range and provide you a first class, consultative approach to ensure the right items go into your auction and not the items that a silent auction company wants to place in order to make them the most amount of money!

We don’t believe in a complex profit share scheme, where the profits from your guests’ bids are split with you and the silent auction company, with them taking up to 49% of the profit above cost.  We believe in a simple, transparent system where there is a cost to purchase the item and that is the price that the item is reserved at in your auction and all the profit from the first bid goes to your charity.

Our Items 

We work closely with the best suppliers in the industry to negotiate the best prices for you! By negotiating the lowest reserve prices with our suppliers we are able to maximise each and every bid at your benefit.

We can provide you items including: dining experiences at some of the country’s finest restaurants, amazing holidays and breaks in Europe and further afield, once in a lifetime experiences as well as rare and collectable signed and framed memorabilia.