The way to raise more…

The bid_in fundraising platform is the most advanced, engaging and dependable fundraising solution available to fundraisers.  Our clients have experienced phenomenal success since we launched in the UK in 2016, raising more than ever before!  If you are in the process of obtaining three quotes to ensure you receive the best value, we should always be one of those.

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We work with some of the UK's leading charities and corporates and have a proven record of raising them more than ever before!

Our Story

Bid_in was created by the owners of one of the UK’s leading events companies which has over 20 years’ experience in the fundraising sector. Having utilised the majority of fundraising technologies and silent auction companies, bid_in’s creators felt they all fell someway short of delivering an engaging, user-friendly experience as well as a business model which shared the principles and objectives of the charity or client.

Our purpose is to raise our clients as much as possible in an ethical, transparent way, utilising the most advanced and reliable fundraising technology platform available.

Make it yours…with our fully customisable client portal.

The bid_in client portal enables you to efficiently add your auction items, guest lists and table numbers as well as pledge data etc. as well as providing you with accurate forecasting and real time data on the fundraising activity of your events: before, during and after.

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Real bids, in real time.

bid_in uses a state-of-the-art projector app that shows both the most recent bids made on each prize and a current leader board of highest bidders which encourages a friendly and engaging yet competitive aspect to the auction. We have a proven record of raising our clients more money each year and creating a light hearted but competitive atmosphere through a the bid-in projector, which can also be customised to suit your events theme!

The only truly ethical auction item providers in the UK…

bid_in are the only truly ethical supplier of auction items in the fundraising sector.  We make no profit or share of the revenue generated from bids made on auction items at your event!

It is a hidden fact that industry standard practice elsewhere is to make a profit from the auction items they supply. A deal that offers zero cost for silent auction tech when taking 40 auction items from the provider does not offer great value when you factor this in. We do not work this like.

We are committed to an open and transparent service whereby the only revenue we retain is the cost to purchase each item from our suppliers.  By working this way we are able to provide you with the most desirable selection auction prizes available, at the lowest costs which are supplied to you on a sale or return basis (no risk) to you in the most ethical way possible.

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Seamless bidding from your smartphone…

The bid_in mobile platform enables your guests to bid on prizes at an auction through their smartphones while still offering the same great engaging features available on the tablet version. Mobile bidding can be used as either an alternative to tablet bidding or to work simultaneously with them enabling your guests to use both the tablets and their smartphones in a cost-effective and interactive way.

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Silent auction.

The most engaging and image driven silent auction platform available.

Buy it now.

Allow your guests to purchase items with our ‘Buy it Now’ function: great for when you have multiple items or tickets to future events!


The most user friendly platform available that allows your guests to donate to your cause with pre fixed amounts that you can set, as well as allowing your guests to donate any amount they wish!


Unlike most other providers our iPads allow your winning bidders to pay directly and securely through them once your auction closes, removing the need for PDQ’s and payment stations!