Who we are

bid_in was created by one of the UK’s leading events and fundraising companies, who have had over 20 years experience working with the countries biggest companies and charities. During which time they had utilised the services of all of the existing fundraising and silent auction companies in the UK.

We felt that the majority of these companies’ focus was more on what they would make from our event as opposed to our events fundraising ambitions.

We therefore decided that we would invest in developing the best silent auction platform we could: a platform built for fundraisers, by fundraisers….and we are hugely proud of the results!

“I cannot say enough good things about bid_in and the Silent Auction they have provided for our event. Switching over to bid_in 2 years ago from our last provider took us from the stone age to the modern age. It has saved tonnes of time and effort and every step of our silent auction timeline was simplified.

I love how easy it is for anyone in our events team to access information. The cloud based system takes away any fear of losing data.

It’s great for me, as the group administrator, to quickly reference any detail I might need: before, during, and after the auction. I look forward to using bid_in for all our fundraising events.”

Event Lead, M&S


“Working with bid_in was quite simply brilliant. The devices looked fab, were easy to use for our guests and worked great for our team internally to report on figures as and when we required. We traditionally didn’t take prizes as we didn’t agree with splitting charity profit or giving a percentage away. As this wasn’t the case with bid_in, we were able to supplement our prizes with some from their catalogue to help raise even more.

We raised more from our silent auction than from any other year and look forward to working with bid_in in the future.”

Head of Events, British Telecom

Jw Marriot

“We have built up a great working relationship with bid_in as their team are here so often. They are the only silent auction company with their own network permanently built in to the hotel, running all year round, meaning they’ve never experienced any connectivity issues or lack of service and they don’t need to build a local network for every event.

It really is a great, reliable system and our clients are very happy with the service they provide”

Emily Clarke, Event Manager - Grosvenor House Hotel

“We have worked with bid_in for 8 events and the team have vastly increased our charity fundraising. The team give great customer service, are professional to work with and work tirelessly to offer ease of process.

I recommended them to my counterpart at BT as well and they now use them for their charity events.  We have booked them for 4 future events this year.

The processes are really easy to follow and the team on the night make the whole process seamless. The after service is good as well and they secure all the payments.”

Mary Brew, British Airways