Unparalleled user experience...

The bid_in platform offers you and your guests the most engaging, image driven, responsive and reliable fundraising solution available in the UK.

We have a proven record of raising our clients more than ever before and this is in no small part down to the way our iPads engage your audience and encourage them to engage with the fundraising element of your event!


Your client portal enables you to see in real time your fundraising projections ahead of your event, how much your event has raised during and post event, guest lists, table numbers, running order, welcome notes and which of your guests have paid once your auction has closed. The bid_in platform provides you the ultimate fundraising solution!

No Risk, Ethically Supplied Auction Items...

bid_in are the only truly ethical supplier of auction items in the fundraising sector. We source the very best items at the very best costs to help our clients raise more. This is our single aim.

We are committed to an open and transparent service, and will always advise you on how to raise more, and provide price comparison savings on lot items that you may be sourcing from elsewhere.

Profit projection

The bid_in system enables you to forecast your potential profit so that you can see in real-time what you’re expected revenue on your auction items should be.

Projected profit:


Over 20 Years Fundraising Events Experience

We have over 20 years experience in the fundraising events industry so we understand that event timings can be fluid, that guest lists change regularly and that you always have those last minute changes!  We do everything we can to accommodate these and make your life as easy as possible throughout the process.


And much more!
Icon real time time support

Real Time In App Guest Support

Our state of the art platform allows your guests to request support from our team within the app itself: no more looking around the room for a member of staff for assistance. Our help feature will notify our event team and your guests receive almost immediate assistance with their bids!

Icon Cloud

Cloud Based Application

We utilise the most advanced, secure and reliable cloud based servers meaning your event is in safe hands!

Icon Cross Platform

Cross platform bidding

Our cloud based platform allow your guests to bid simultaneously on our event iPads and their mobile devices.  This also enables you to open up your auction to a much wider audience as people are able to participate from anywhere in the world if they are unable to attend your event.

Consultative Approach

We believe that consistency is a vital part in delivering your fundraising targets. We ensure that your account manager is not only with you in the lead up but with you on-site and post event wherever possible!

Your event is as important to us as it is to you and we ensure you receive a consultative approach throughout with the aim of generating your event as much as possible!


Icon app payments

In-app payments

We are the only fundraising platform where the iPads are also the payment terminals! Your winning bidders are able to make quick, secure and fully PCI compliant payments through the devices, removing the need for additional PDQ’s and long queues of guests waiting to pay.

Icon custom branded

Custom branded platform

The bid_in platform is customisable to your events theme and colours making it a seamless addition to your event!